Edu, the Olyverse’s graphic designer, is shocked to discover the crime. He explains that at the time of the murder, he was fully immersed in editing the interview video of Kerem Bürsin. According to him, he was reviewing each frame in detail when he noticed something unusual in the background of the metaverse. He believes he saw bloodstains in the xLab pool. It was night, and he thought someone had dived headfirst into a pool that only has half a meter of water.

Angie, the angelic being from the Olyverse metaverse, says that at the time of the murder, she was in the Museum, admiring one of the Greek sculptures that decorate the place. She claims that she had noticed Milky‘s disturbing presence near Kerem during the interview, but insists that he had no reason to intend to harm him. But these are just assumptions. What she does remember is a piece of cloth hanging on one of the paintings.

Kerem, the handsome Turkish actor, recounts that during the interview at TheClub, he was fully focused on answering the questions honestly and professionally. He assures that he did not notice Álvaro’s presence in the metaverse at that time, as he was focused on conveying his message to the followers of Olyverse. His confident tone and body language suggest that he is used to being in the spotlight and will not be easily intimidated. He remembers that at the entrance, there were footprints that no one has been able to clean.

As you walk through Kerem’s room, you see that four avatars are gathering in the boxing room. As a good inspector, you can’t miss the opportunity and approach to interrogate the new suspects.

Tragedy has struck with the discovery of Álvaro, a beloved character, lying lifeless. This somber twist calls you to a mission of justice: to uncover the murderer among Álvaro's companions. Armed with detective sharpness, a digital magnifying glass, and a notebook, you dive into the heart of Olyverse to interrogate and gather clues, challenging puzzles that test your wit.

Your search weaves through the complexity of relationships and secrets, seeking to restore peace and honor Álvaro. This path demands determination and cunning to unveil the truth and serve justice. Are you ready to face this challenge and solve the mystery in Olyverse?