Milky, the playful cow from xLab, shares with laughter that at the time of the crime, she was enjoying a refreshing bath in the xLab pool. She claims that, as a peaceful creature, she would have no reason to want to harm anyone, especially someone like Álvaro, whom she barely knew. Her contagious energy and carefree attitude reveal a cheerful and fun personality, seemingly incapable of committing such a grim act. It seems she doesn’t have much more to contribute. But your detective instinct prefers to investigate the surroundings of the pool again to see if you can find another clue.​

Froggy, the shy and ostracized little frog, shares his testimony with a trembling voice and sad eyes. He explains that at the time of the crime, he was near Kerem in theClub, quietly observing from a secluded corner. He admits feeling hurt by his exclusion from the xLab community and his desire to be accepted. However, he strongly denies any involvement in the crime, insisting on his innocence and his wish to be recognized as a legitimate member of the Olyverse metaverse. He says he posted a photo on Kerem’s wall moments before the murder.

Olyver, the headless corporate being, confesses that at the time of the crime, he was busy analyzing data and trends within the metaverse. He explains that, as the representative of the Olyverse brand, he feels responsible for maintaining the integrity and reputation of the space. He vehemently denies having seen Álvaro near Kerem during the interview and argues that any disturbance in the metaverse would be contrary to his interests. His mechanical voice and stiff posture suggest a logical and pragmatic mindset, focused on success and efficiency. This leads you to further analyze Olyverse, uncovering a Van Gogh painting in the background.

Spaceman, the friendly extraterrestrial being, excitedly recounts that at the time of the crime, he was exploring the most remote corners of the metaverse in search of new friendships. He assures that he had briefly crossed paths with Milky in the fitness room during one of their exercise sessions, and had noticed something suspicious as Milky lingered in the room without wanting to do Lucia’s exercises. At this point, you believe you have a certainty of who the murderer is, but you need one last clue, and you think Spaceman has just provided it. Look for the last clue and send the result of your suspicions.

The punching bag, suspended in a corner of the room, is an unwavering companion in Kerem’s training. With its sturdy surface and imposing weight, it is designed to withstand the rigours of punches and kicks. Every mark and dent in its leather surface is a testament to hours of practice, energy release and stamina building. This bag is not just an inert object; it is a constant challenge, a reminder that self-improvement never ceases and a symbol of the inner strength that Kerem seeks to cultivate every day.