Someone left their refreshment half-finished. It is important for all of us to be more environmentally friendly. We should make sure we finish what we buy and then dispose of it properly in the recycling bin.

As you go along, you realise that someone has been here recently. The half-started bowl of popcorn suggests that we were close to finding him. However, that person has left a big clue: the abandoned popcorn is a clear indication of a hasty exit.

You look at the cinema chair and decide to sit down, immersing yourself in the same film the suspect has been watching. As you settle in, something unexpectedly catches your attention, suggesting that perhaps the suspect left more than just half-eaten popcorn behind.

As you settle into the cinema seat, you notice a strawberry milkshake to your right. After a brief moment’s consideration, you decide that it has no connection to the suspect. It is simply a coincidence, with no relevance to the case you are on.